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cacao medicine

& breathwork


PORTUGAL, JUNE 21-27, 2020

Breath and Cacao are two of the most beautiful paths to the heart and wholeness. This trauma informed training is for breath workers, sound healers and other sacred space holders wishing to add the Medicine of Sacred Cacao and Group Facilitation to their tool belt. Cacao brings together community . Community and the feeling of loving inclusion are two of the greatest componants of healing developmental and acute traumas. Here you will learn the sacred art of safe space holding, group facilitation and how to work with Cacao as medicine in ceremony as well as other herbs to support, nourish and repair Nerve damage caused by stress, tension and traumas. This is a deeply nourishing training. designed to cultivate deep personal and group resourcing to support integrated long term healing.



  • Sacred Cacao and Herbs to restore the nervous system 

  • Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release

  • Tools and preparation of running a workshop

  • Direct experience of facilitating and holding space

  •  Create and use set-playlists

  • Voice development and effective expression

  • Dynamic group interaction

  • Sensory development activities  

  • Understanding Developmental Trauma  

  • Poly vagal theory  

  • 5 Element Massage and touch release techniques

  • Preparation and use of medicinal plants

  • Embody somatic movement

  • The power of dance

  • Exploring warm up and closing practices

  • Spiritual Hygiene and purification practices

  • Qigong and meditation practices

  • Exploring the elements through direct experience

  • How to compassionately deal with difficult situations and personal processes while facilitating

Daisy Kaye is a giver of gifts, and offers her knowledge freely and in abundance for the highest good to encourage others to step forth into their greatest offering of themselves. I would recommend this training highly. It is a defining path in recognising your own truest nature.” 


- Guinevere UK, Performer (Wild Serenda), Sound Healer.

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I have met daisy a few years ago when I participated in one of her cacao ceremony and it was mind blowing. I decided to join her cacao ceremony teacher training which I have done twice now.  The gift that I received by being in this woman's presence is more than words can describe.

Her embodiment of the elements and her way to transmute it is very unique and very authentic. It's not something that come from a book- it's a personal experience and therefore was so transformative for me.


I learnt so much and was able to use these practices in my daily life and to incorporate it with my own practices and teachings. I'm grateful for this woman and for the gift she gave me, which will remain with me for the rest of my life.” 


- Yael, New York

Jun 21 - 27th  |  2020  |  Portugal

THE Shanti Space Retreat,


Welcome to Bliss...

Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss.

The venue, an old Quinta set in a national park and is endowed with beautiful fruit trees, giant oak corks, grape vines, vistas and a stream at the end of the garden where we often encounter our neighbours; deer and wild boar.

Within a 15 minute drive we reach the beach, see the fierce waves of the Atlantic coast and the charming surf town, Ericeira. Only half an hour from Lisbon and the airport, we are in an ideal location for Lisbon connections.

The food we eat every day can be a medicine with the power to transform, nourish, strengthen and heal imbalances. We have a plant based approach providing nutrient dense dishes; organic, locally sourced and delicious! We like our food to be eclectic and colourful, packed full with flavour, superfoods and antioxidants that cleanse and enrich the body, mind and soul. When we design our recipes, we look at the seasons, the environment and food energetics to maintain and support harmony in the body.


Early Bird (Book before May 20) –  790 Euros

Book After May 20 -  990 Euros 

Food and Accomodation is not included in the course cost.  

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