Learn How to Ground, Cleanse and Protect Your Energy so you can Serve your Clients, Enjoy the Holidays and Clear your Energetic Field!

Learn the Grounding Practice with Daisy, The Dance of the 3 Gates, and feel connected, safe and at home in your body.


If you liked that, try the Cleansing Practice - The WoodChopper​ - to quickly and easily rid yourself of stuck, unwanted or challenging emotions.

Lastly, after you are grounded and cleansed, now make sure to protect your energy. Join Daisy for the ​Power of Prayer Protection Practice.

Thanks so much for taking the time to practice with me! Your body, nervous systems, clients, families and friends all appreciate your dedication to your energetic wellness!

If you know you benefitted from these and want more, join me for the

Ground, Cleanse Protect Online Course.