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  • Learn how to understand the patterns, rhythms and and placement of the breath 


  • Release the effects of the past and embody the present 


  • Diagnose emotional and personality tendencies through the understanding of body types and structures 


  • Awaken feelings of freedom, peace, stability, empowerment, bliss, joy and love 


  • Cultivate take home self care practices to enhance daily life and long term health 


  • Gain an understanding of the bodies inner languages through meditation and mindfulness 


  • Exchange 5 Element massage and learn the unspoken language of touch 


  • Expand your emotional and physical resilience and maintain equilibrium 


  • Build a deep love for self that can be shared with others in a healthy way 


  • Have fun and let yourself play 


  • Discover your voice and open expression 


  • Forgive and let go Dance like no ones watching 


  • Make love to life 


  • Transform Rage into celebration and pain into peace 


  • Refurbish the spaces within with delicious good feelings of presence, love and inspiration

Level 1 of Breath Medicine 3-part certification is using the healing breath on oneself to release, heal and regenerate ourselves. 


While Level 3 training gives you the tools to assist others in breath-work sessions, we start with Level 1  Release to become fully present with ourselves and understand the breath and its capabilities.


We can use Level 1 to restore our own cellular memories and conditionings with cleansing and regenerative 


Breath Medicine Breath medicine is a therapeutic, science based approach to healing and integration of trauma and stress. Supported by ancient wisdom and practices of the Tao and Tantra to align body, mind and soul. This modality is the result of 28 years of practicing connected breathwork, such as Bio-dynamic Trauma Release, Rebirthing and Transformational Breathwork, married with 25 years experience in various forms bodywork specialising in Che Nei Tsang (Chinese belly massage) and 5 Element and somatic dance practices.

Connected Breathwork is a continuous breath without pause unifying the inhale with the exhale. When this is applied through an open mouth the sympathetic nervous system is activated giving us access to past traumas and unfulfilled flight, fight and freeze responses that get locked in the body. If anxiety or other overwhelming responses are already active then we use the connected breath through the nose as to access and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When we can meet all of ourself, our sensations, emotions and feeling with love, welcome and curiosity; we have an opportunity for a healthy release of blocked and stagnated energy and an awakening of powerful inner resources and creative life force energy. The increased oxygenation of the blood is incredibly detoxifying and healing on all levels. Many feel like a huge weight has been lifted from there bodies and mind, experiencing optimism and positivity. Claiming to have clear insights as to where life wants to take them, feel pain free and find peace with what has been previously challenging.

Myofascial release through movement and massage supports the opening of body where physical constrictions have happened in response to impact or emotional contraction. The fascia is the connective tissue that runs through and around the whole of the body. Its responsible for literally keeping us together, every organ and muscle is encased in fascial sheaths. The fascia can become stuck and fixed through many things including fear, lack of movement and dehydration causing pain, numbness and a misalignment of our physical and emotional structures. 

Breath Medicine uses therapeutic movement such as somatic experiencing and dance as well as body work practices to help the physical body to become free of old movement patterns that don’t support a joyous, painless and peaceful life. These movement practices also help to unite mind body connection building a foundation for present moment awareness. Moving in new ways creates new neural pathways in the brain increasing problem solving abilities and bridging the logical and creative aspects together. As the old saying goes “doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sure sign of madness.” So in this exploration of self we find non-ordinary ways of doing ordinary things to discover new experiences within self, our relationship to others and how we move in the world.

Nourishing the nervous system is of high importance when recovering from stress and trauma or those that are simply wanting a fresh start. Breath Medicine offers many practices such as hot cold therapy, mediations and herbal teas to support the return of healthy adrenals and hormone production, good digestion, a peaceful mind and sleep. 

Chi Gung and Tao/ Tantric practices are developed to support your personal growth and give you tools on how to sense, move and use energy, develop communication skills and create loving harmonious relationships with others, self and nature.

Cacao ceremony is also part of some of the journeys, using this sacred medicine to open the heart in circle with our brothers and sisters as equals. When we come together in ceremony, a sacred space is opened where we can feel our connection to our heart and each other beyond the scope of the mind. A place to speak and be heard, to see and be seen. For truely the greatest gift we can ever offer another is the depth of our presence and its in this space that we can feel held and valued. The cacao and other herbs within the brew also support a much deeper dive into love, compassion, forgiveness, bliss and ecstasy in the breath sessions. 

To become a fully qualified Breath Medicine facilitator you will need to complete the 2 week Breath Medicine Retreat at least twice. Qualification is based on previous experience and demonstrated embodiment of the knowledge. If you have no previous experience in space holding and facilitation you may be required to complete the Cacao Dance/Breath Training to support your safe and embodied sharing out in the world.

Next level 2 training:

Feb 18 - March 1  |  2018  |  Thailand

The SanctuarY,


Welcome to Paradise...

The Sanctuary Resort, Koh Pha Ngan island, Thailand is known for its ability to offer guests a deep dive into self awareness  and forge new understandings on self care through processes such  as massage , detox, yoga, healing, healthy plant base food, discovering a restful time in nature while  making  new friendships.


The Sanctuary is tucked away on a remote beach called Haad Tien; named after the local Tien trees that grow along the beach-line.  These trees  are hundreds of years old and  very similar to the ‘Tree of Life’. They are said to offer  healing properties, renewal, protection, growth and luck as they connect the land and the sea.

The resort is built on natural granite quartz crystals rock. The ocean tumbled granite is quite unique in that it combines both the element of water and earth, flowing yet deeply rooted, expanding in the duality of emotions and practicality. The granite grounds us and keeps us focused while at the same time allows us to flow and overcome obstacles. you cannot help but be embraced by its energy.


Full workshop price – 30,000 Thai baht

Early Bird  (Sign-up by 9th August, 2018)  – 28,000 Thai Baht

Accomodation is not included in the course cost.  


To secure your place we will request a non-refundable deposit of 100SGD.  For more information or to reserve your place on this course please contact the Sanctuary directly on:

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