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  • Personal empowerment

  • Personal growth and expansion

  • Greater self-love

  • Deeper connection to self

  • Develop your intuition

  • Gain holistic body awareness

  • Develop profound embodiment

  • Skills for open, honest communication and self expression

  • Integration of body mind and spirit

  • Tools for personal practice and personal health

  • Cleansing and vitality techniques

  • Fun, laughter and playfulness 

  • Clearing old energies, spending time in paradise and meeting amazing people

  • Transmitting from a teacher with over 25 years experience

  • How to be adaptable and adjust to changes

  • Daisy's pearls of wisdom on various topics to live a holiday lifestyle

  • Learn how to hold space for others

  • Gain confidence in groups

  • Learn effective Facilitation 

Embody The 5 Elements...  Dance In Your Prayers...

Cacao is the pathway to the hearts calling.  This small and beautiful bean is so revered for its heart opening effects that its journey has carried it worldwide.


Today Cacao has reclaimed its position as a sacred ceremonial medicine and is been offered within a dance ritual of letting go and manifestation.


Firstly we arrive from the ordinary into the non-ordinary, gathering in circle and sip the alchemical blend of cacao with other powerful herbs as we share our intentions of what it is we are blessing and letting go and what we are calling into being.

It is said that life danced itself into being, so we use the sacred tool of dance in unison with the wisdoms of the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – to set our payers into motion.

Exploring herbal medicine, dance and  ceremony;  learn how to hold space for others to bless and unwind effects of the past and manifest their dreams in the now. 


Using the Dancing Alchemy Retreat as the first week of this training; we will go deeper in the second week into practices of sensory exploration and development; deepening our ability to hold space for others through learning to hold space for ourselves.


This teacher training covers everything from how to create sacred space for people to open up and feel safe, create brilliant musical set-lists (your no. 1 co-facilitator), tools to integrate trauma/emotional releases within a workshop space, and how to get people to sign up.


The greatest teachers are those who teach through full embodiment of their teachings.  It is transmission that is our greatest teacher. 

This is also the Group Facilitation Module for Breath Medicine.  This is useful for anybody who already facilitates groups, or those who would like to teach but want to build confidence. 


  • 5 Element Dance; exploring the elements individually and collectively

  • Sensory development activities

  • 5 Element Massage

  • Presence practices 

  • Outdoor Vision Quest

  • Introduction to Taoism and Shamanism

  • Preparation and use of medicinal plants

  • Embody somatic movement

  • Tools and preparation of running a workshop

  • Direct experience of facilitating and holding space

  • Create and use set-playlists

  • Voice development and effective expression

  • Dynamic group interaction

  • The power of dance and movement

  • Self exploration through meditational dance

  • Modalities of personal embodiment

  • Exploring warm up practices

  • Transformational breathwork

  • Taoist and Tantric Practices

  • Qigong and meditation practices

  • Self-care and maintenance practices

  • Exploring the elements through direct experience

  • How to compassionately deal with difficult situations and personal processes while facilitating

  • The importance of transmission

  • Exploring non-verbal communication activities

Since attending regular cacao ceremonies with Daisy Kaye in 2012, I felt called a year later to commit to the teacher training in raw cacao ceremonies and five elements dance. This training has been integral to my growth and evolution of my life purpose. Grounding me in the knowledge of plant medicine and raising my connection to the power of dance as a healing tool, I have followed my passion of healing through creative expression to offer ceremonies that are powerful and transformative. I am deep gratitude to be able to intuitively facilitate a space of meditative and ecstatic practice that supports the opening of the heart and self-realisation.


Daisy Kaye is a giver of gifts, and offers her knowledge freely and in abundance for the highest good to encourage others to step forth into their greatest offering of themselves. I would recommend this training highly. It is a defining path in recognising your own truest nature.” 


- Guinevere UK, Performer (Wild Serenda), Sound Healer.

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I have met daisy a few years ago when I participated in one of her cacao ceremony and it was mind blowing. I decided to join her cacao ceremony teacher training which I have done twice now.  The gift that I received by being in this woman's presence is more than words can describe.

Her embodiment of the elements and her way to transmute it is very unique and very authentic. It's not something that come from a book- it's a personal experience and therefore was so transformative for me.


I learnt so much and was able to use these practices in my daily life and to incorporate it with my own practices and teachings. I'm grateful for this woman and for the gift she gave me, which will remain with me for the rest of my life.” 


- Yael, New York

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