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Calm Woman



Australia 2024

This deep-dive into Trauma Informed Space Holding will give you the tools to stop overwhelm in its tracks.  



Imagine knowing the signs to look out for and having the tools to regulate nervous systems and possibly avoid overwhelm all together.

Have you ever been in a situation where you, a friend or client has felt overwhelmed and you didn’t know what to do to come back to a feeling of safely?


Have you struggled to stay present or do you get triggered by certain people or situations, crowds, loud sounds or bright lights?


Do you work with others, are a parent or in relationship with clients friends or family members that sometimes get so off centre, angry, dissociated or stuck in overwhelming stories or emotions you don’t know what to do and may feel helpless or even overwhelmed by others' developmental trauma patterns?


This workshop is a marriage of modern science and ancient practices woven together to give us the knowledge and confidence to hold our selves, clients, friends and family safely in this life. 

Join us to learn and experience simple practices with wonderful outcomes.

​You will learn a wide range of techniques to ground, cleanse and protect your energetic and physical body.


  • Take home tools to stop overwhelm

  • Self regulation practices

  • The basic anatomy of the nervous system 

  • Polyvagal Theory 

  • Neurological brain hacks

  • Herbs for nervous system regulation and repair 

  • Qi Gong to ground, cleanse and protect

  • Touch as a non verbal language

  • Presence practices using felt sense

What Others Are Saying ....

“Daisy holds a sacred space safe enough to allow your innermost authentic self to be revealed and expressed. I experienced profound transformations within the cauldron of her Dancing Alchemy Retreat. Her expertise and passion for her subjects, be it breathwork or dance ceremony and her highly intuitive nature seemed to allow her to flow with the highest interests of a very diverse group for the highest benefit of all participants. Her genuine joy is contagious and down to earth attitude really refreshing. Thank you Daisy for standing in your truth and power to help me do the same.”

- Marian Rose UK,

Traditional Acupuncturist and UniversalHealing Tao

Instructor and Women’s Healing Love Instructor



MAR  23rd  |  2024  |  Australia


Welcome to Nourishment...

I am honoured to open my beautiful home and newly built temple to host this training. Nestled in nature with a spring running through; spacious and relaxing. I welcome you to drop in and take time to nourish yourself.



10am - 2pm

Bring note pad, water bottle and comfortable clothes to move in with ease.





Nourishing lunch, all-day medical teas and snacks. 

EARLY BIRD (Book Before March 15th): AUD $175

REGULAR COST (Book After March 15th): AUD $ 225

Overnight stay available including dinner and breakfast For those 

staying on for the medical plant walk on March 24th

$65 camping

$145 in house accommodation 


Please secure your place with a $100 deposit payable to Daisy Kaye

(Please click "going" on the Facebook event and message for account details). 


Please also feel free to call 0412017770 for more details or email me at

March 24th  Medicine Garden Emerson Info:

Medical plant walk, tea ceremony movement meditation and lunch




May we treat our ourselves with loving kindness, listen for the blessings coming in the the sacred whisperings from within.

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