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  • Release the effects of the past and embody the present 

  • Awaken feelings of freedom, peace, stability, empowerment, bliss, joy and love 


  • Cultivate take home self-care practices to enhance daily life and long-term health 


  • Gain an understanding of the body's inner languages through meditation and mindfulness 


  • Expand your emotional and physical resilience and maintain equilibrium 


  • Build a deep love for self that can be shared with others in a healthy way 


  • Have fun and let yourself play 

Explore, activate and develop the 5 senses with Presence Practices, Dance, Breathwork, Meditations, Qigong, Herbal Wisdom, Ceremony and Vision Quest.


Access a world of vivid colour, sounds, tastes,  sensations and touch.  Inhabit you body. Develop your natural instincts. 

Live a life that feels supported, effortless and magical. Access the space to live your dream; catch the divine flow of life by soaring on a thermal of effortlessness. You’re at the right place at the right time with the right people. Everything comes to you easily; you just know where to be and when. Develop your intuition and learn to listen to your inner wisdom.

Run over 5 days, each day draws inspiration from one of the five great elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Here we go deep into the practices aligned with the qualities of these energies. 

After maintaining a holiday lifestyle and dancing in the mundane world for over 20 years, I am now ready to share my secrets to effortless happiness and abundance.  This is a one week embodiment retreat, and is also the first week of the Cacao Ceremony and 5 Element Dance Teacher Training/Breath Medicine Facilitation Training Module. 

In this fun, vibrant, creative, safe space; Unravel the effects of the past and celebrate this opportunity to express from deep within and connect more presently with the world around you.  Laugh, dance, learn and share; allow your energy and life to manifest abundantly.

Using meditation techniques such as Connected Breath, Dance and Qigong; we begin to explore and honour our senses, becoming more instinctual and aware of our environment, and being able to respond to what life offers us and follow our true impulses.

Developing the 5 Senses is a pathway to health your true wealth, inner peace, creativity and vitality. When the 5 Elements and senses are in balance there is a 6th sense that is born. Like the notes that make up a chord. A beautiful harmony is formed.

“Daisy holds a sacred space safe enough to allow your innermost authentic self to be revealed and expressed.  I experienced profound transformations within the cauldron of her Dancing Alchemy Retreat.  Her expertise and passion for her subjects, be it breathwork or dance ceremony and her highly intuitive nature seemed to allow her to flow with the highest interests of a very diverse group for the highest benefit of all participants.  Her genuine joy is contagious and down to earth attitude really refreshing.  Thank you Daisy for standing in your truth and power to help me do the same.” 


- Marian Rose UK, Traditional Acupuncturist and Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Women’s Healing Love Instructor


Jan 20 - 25  |  2020  |  Thailand

The SanctuarY,


Welcome to Paradise...

The Sanctuary is tucked away on a remote beach called Haad Tien; named after the local Tien trees that grow along the beach-line.  These trees  are hundreds of years old and  very similar to the ‘Tree of Life’. They are said to offer  healing properties, renewal, protection, growth and luck as they connect the land and the sea.

The resort is built on natural granite quartz crystals rock. The ocean tumbled granite is quite unique in that it combines both the element of water and earth, flowing yet deeply rooted, expanding in the duality of emotions and practicality. The granite grounds us and keeps us focused while at the same time allows us to flow and overcome obstacles. you cannot help but be embraced by its energy.

The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan Island is known for its ability to offer guests a deep dive into self awareness and self-care through processes such as massage, detox, yoga, healing, healthy plant base food and discovering a restful time in nature while  making  new friendships.


Full workshop price – 15,000 Thai baht

Early Bird  (Sign-up by 9th January, 2019)  – 13,000 Thai Baht

Accomodation is not included in the course cost.  

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