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Sandy Beach

Ground, cleanse, protect 

Online Course

Tools and Practices for Energetic Clarity 


Do you find yourself:

  • Triggered

  • Having intense emotional reactions

  • Feeling the effects of your environment

  • Being affected by people around you

Would you like to know how to:

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Breathe easier

  • Have more control over your emotional state

  • Stay centered in your own being

The Ground, Cleanse, Protect Course was created to help you shift your energy so you feel more empowered, clear, embodied, safe and ready to share with the world.
  • Body Workers
  • Health Care Workers 
  • Healers
  • Facilitators
  • Teachers
  • Hairdressers
  • Retail and Sales Associataes 
  • Empaths, Psychics 
  • Anyone who is affected by or sensitive to the energetic field of others


  • A feeling of freedom

  • An epic toolkit of Practices and Techniques to carry for a Lifetime 

  • Awareness of your own energetic field

  • Ability to regulate your own nervous system

  • Resilience to meet life's challenges

  • Feel anchored and at home in your body 

  • Be able to clear and protect yourself of unwanted or negative energies

  • Become an Energetic Master

  • Ward off Energy Vampires 

  • Build better boundaries

There are specific tools and practices that need to be used regularly to support a healthy energetic body!

If you're here reading this, you are ready to gain a greater sense of safety, power and clarity in your life.


Congratulations for making the steps to support your body and improve your life!


As we ground, cleanse and protect ourselves know that we do it for all our ancestors, friends, lovers, coworkers and community.


The Ground, Cleanse, Protect Course was created with the innate healing capacity of the human body in mind. The body works tirelessly, sometimes against all odds, to regenerate, heal and support our ability to not just survive but thrive. 

Are you a body worker, empath, doctor, healer, massage therapist, teacher or on the sales floor?

If so when you work with other human beings, then you know how your mood or energy can be affected by the presence and energy of others.

While this isn't all bad, in fact it’s part of why we can help heal each other ~ there are specific tools and practices that need to be used regularly to support a healthy energetic body.


  • 9 Guided Video QiGong and Breathing Practices 

  • 3 Guided Meditations 

  • Downloadable Guide with Crystals, Herbs, Flower Essence and Foods Suggestions for Grounding, Cleansing and Protection 

  • LIVE 3 hour Masterclass on Shamanic Tools and Practices with Naomi Love of Wise Womb Medicine 

    LIVE Session with Daisy - Trauma 101 - Learn the tools you need to regulate your nervous system in overwhelming or stressful situations 

  • Interactive Community Facebook Group with ongoing Practices and Lives with Daisy 
    Lifetime Access to Course Material  

  • Practical Tools and Techniques to Maintain Energetic Clarity and Wellness 

  • This course counts as a MODULE for Daisy’s Cacao and Breath Medicine Teacher Training Online Courses

These 3 essential practices center, balance and heal your energetic field:
Grounding. Cleansing. Protection.

Hi, I am Daisy Kaye and after 28 years of working as a massage therapist, breathwork facilitator, teacher trainer, and retreat facilitator, I have gathered these practcies into one energetic toolkit that enable you to live your life and do your work feeling like you carry the strength of a mountain, flow with the grace of a river and shine bright like the sun! Imagine a life where nothing can shake you and if it does you have the tools, experience and know how to come back to center and balance quickly and easily.


In this course, you will learn, practice and be guided through a specially cultivated supply of techniques and practices that I have seen work to heal humans over her lifetime.


There are 3 essential modalities that I come back to over and over and that are crucial for anyone who works with others or wants to learn how to have a healthy energetic body.



1. Grounding

Sometimes we feel flighty and need to get connected to the earth.

Grounding practices help us get into our physical body so we may be fully present.

When we are fully present we can assist and do the work we are here to do.


2. Cleansing

Sometimes we feel heavy and need to lighten our load.

Cleansing practices assist us in removing negative and stuck energies so we may feel clear, and light.

When we are bogged down with heavy energy, it’s hard to be the clear channel of healing or have the mental clarity that we need.


3 - Protection

Sometimes we feel bombarded by external sources and need to take our energetic space back. Compassion fatigue is a real thing when we give and give and don't protect resource and nourish ourselves

Protection practices give us the support and boundaries we need so we may keep our space free, clear and guarded from unwanted energies.  

It’s essential to safeguard our energy from outside influences so we stay sovereign in our own space.


Some of these tools you may be familiar with and some may be new, but the combination of all of them will offer you a repertoire to use over a lifetime.

As you try each practice, you will explore, have fun and find the ones that really work for you.

Practice these over and over and soon you will find you have your own energetic toolkit to use for your healing practices, dealing with humans on an everyday level or handling challenging emotional situations with loved ones.


The range of these tools vary from short breathing practices, easy to follow guided meditations, in depth QiGong practices and an easy to use guide of the herbs, crystals, and flower essences that help aid and support our bodies with these energies.


This is an essential program to assist you in your life, work, and in relationships.


Every regulated nervous system in the world contributes to the greater good of all.


Join me for The Ground, Cleanse, Protect Course and become an energetic master!





Sign up today for Free and immediate access to selected practices.

  • Sign up By January 1st for Discount  = $144

  • Pay in Full = $222


  • Course Start - January 6, 2021

  • Daisy LIVE Session on Trauma - January 6, 2021

  • Naomi LIVE Session on Shamanic Tools and Practices - DTB


Module 1 - GROUND 

  • Learn how to stabilize your energy with Grounding Techniques.

Module 2 - CLEANSE 

  • Learn how to clear your energy with Cleansing Practices.

Module 3 - PROTECT 

  • Learn how to safeguard your energy with Protection Methods.


BONUSES - The Golden Gems

  • LIVE Session with Daisy - Trauma 101

  • LIVE Session with Naomi Love - Shamanic Tools and Practices

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