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Australia 2024

Dissolve the barriers to love.

build healthy communication

and yummy connection



Use felt sense to resolve misunderstandings, build present moment awareness and cultivate loving connection.

Learn the language of 5 element touch as a non verbal language.


Meet overwhelm and build your tool kit to help each other and your self find peace and safety in triggering situations.


Experience authentic communication and new ways of sharing.


Get embodied with Breath medicine sessions including a Cacao and Blue lotus ceremony .


Reset in the hot tub and sauna by the creek.


Become playful again with connection practices.


Be nourished with gorgeous healthy food, drinks and snacks.


Have free time to explore the Mountain or deeply rest.


MAY  3 - 5th  |  2024  |  Australia


Welcome to Nourishment...

I am honoured to open my beautiful home and newly built temple to host this retreat. Nestled in nature with a spring running through; spacious and relaxing. I welcome you to drop in with your partner and take time to nourish yourself.


Friday May 3rd, 2024

5pm - Arrival check in and tea


Sunday May 5th, 2024

Sessions finish Sunday afternoon @4pm but you are encouraged and welcome to stay until Monday noon. Experience each other a new. Enjoy unscheduled time to play and integrate or go bathe in the epic sunset at the lookout, whisk away for a romantic dinner or simply stay in rest, digest and lush out together  dinner can be arranged apon request 



This retreat is limited to 5 couples to ensure personalised support 


$1200 per couple INCLUDES:

7 delicious meals per person

3 nights camping

24-hour use of Spa and Sauna 


Or book one of the 4 lush reasonably priced accommodations at an additional cost.


Please secure your place with a $100 deposit payable to Daisy Kaye

(Please email for signup and account details). 


Please also feel free to call 0412017770 for more details or email me at


May we treat our ourselves with loving kindness, listen for the blessings coming in the the sacred whisperings from within.

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