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Gain tools for self care while integrating new techniques into your existing bodywork or breath work practice for more profound results.

Abdominal Reflexology is for everyone, people right at the beginning of their self-care practices to those with advanced massage degrees and years of experience.


Abdominal Reflexology traditionally know as Chi Nei Tsang is the ancient art of bringing Energy (Chi) to the inner organs (Nei) for transformation (Tsang).

It is an absolute honour to offer this gift to you and open my home for this retreat. Numbers are to be kept VERY LIMITED; so you are assured personalised guidance, coaching and feedback.


  • Better sleep and settling your mind

  • Digestive issues

  • Regulating Emotions

  • Menstrual issues 

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Sexual disfunction

  • Endometriosis

  • Pelvic or chest pain

  • Breathing deeply and fully


In working with our organs we can positively effect our beautiful body as a whole. The health of our organs directly effect the quality of our senses and therefore our relationship to life, self and each other. For example, when our liver is stressed, it can be quite common for our eyesight to become blurry or for the emotions of anger, resentment and jealousy to easily arise. When our liver is harmonious and functioning well, we will feel very abundant, generous, happy and expansive.


Its is believed we carry the wisdoms of the 5 elements within us in our organs. With the cultivation of inner-heath; great prosperity, peace and harmony will be experienced.


  • Spa and Sauna

  • Qi Gong

  • Blue lotus ceremony

  • Medical plant walk

  • Lunch and Endless Herbal Tea


This incredible introduction is easy to understand, practical and applicable.

1.   5-Element touch

2.   Awakening the outer fascial sheath and opening the lymphatic system

3.   Opening the navel and outer corners

4.   Organ flushes

5.   Diaphragm pumps

6.   6 Healing Sounds  


My goal is to give you the tools for your own self care or integrate these techniques into your existing bodywork or breath work practice for more profound results. 


Hi my name is Daisy Kaye I am the founder of the a Tao Tantric Arts and Biodynamic breath teacher and passionate herbalist, somatic movement and breath work practitioner 


 I have been practicing Chi Nei Tsang for 30 years this coming January and have worked in fasting centres internationally. I have studied directly with Master Mantak Chia and am a teacher in one of his certified programs under the Healing Tao.


My path with Chi Nei Tsang started when I landed in hospital with stomach ulcers and colitis at just 18 years of age. In learning this art not only did my digestive and menstrual health become excellent so too did my emotional life begin to balance and find more peace. 



May 18th  &  Aug 24th  |  2024  |  Australia


Welcome to Nourishment...

I am honoured to open my beautiful home and newly built temple to host this training. Nestled in nature with a spring running through; spacious and relaxing. I welcome you to drop in and take time to nourish yourself.



9.30am Arrival for a 10am Start

Lunch and refreshments will be included

5pm finish

Bring note pad, water bottle and comfortable clothes to move in with easy access to your beautiful belly.



Please note numbers are limited so you are assured personalised guidance, coaching and feedback.



Tuition is just

$170 Early Bird

$230 Late Signup


(Price Includes Lunch)

Please secure your place with a $100 deposit payable to Daisy Kaye


Please call or text Daisy on:  0412 017 770 for more details or to register.

May we treat our ourselves with loving kindness, listen for the blessings coming in the the sacred whisperings from within.

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