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Nourishing the

nervous system

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  • Intro to basic herbs for nourishing and repairing the nervous system

  • Restorative Yin practices and meditations

  • Practices for cultivating kind, loving relationships with the self.

  • Hot and Cold Therapy, Breathwork Sessions, Qigong and jaw release techniques 

  • Take home tools to support ongoing peace and equilibrium 

Your nervous system is the central station for communication within your sacred body. 


Do you sleep well, digest well and generally feel safe and at peace in your day to day life? 

If not, then join me over these three days. It is my honour to journey with you through the five elements of coming home. Release tensions and stresses, nourish, tone and reset your nervous system. Support yourself, in becoming your own best friend, develop greater intuition and access your body intelligence.

With the use of breath, meditation, deep grounding practices, somatic movement, Qigong, herbal teas, dance and ancient Taoist and Tantric practises; you will leave feeling much more at peace, happy and ready to meet life with renewed sense of optimism, calm and confidence. You will also be armed with lots of take-home tools to assist with long-term benefits, health, peace, vitality and sleep.


May there be peace where there's been pain,

Forgiveness where there's been hurt, 

And a softening where there's been a hardening. 


May we live, love and laugh.

HOURS: Approx 14 Hours over 2 Days

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Retreat, Reset, Renew... 

This training will take place in Mullumbimby, NSW, on a stunning 50 acre property. Take a break in natural beauty to renew your soul!

The property features a wood-stove heated hexagonal sauna is located right next to the salt water pool. 

This centre offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor areas to relax and rest; surrounded by nature and decks with beautiful views of the rain forest or the shire. You can see Mt Chincogan! 

Choose from accommodation varying from rooms inside the main house with beautiful wooden doors that open up to the outside, or cozy outdoor dwellings. 


Full workshop price -

2 DAYS: $550

Food and Accomodation is not included in the course cost.  

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