private sessions


Bio Dynamic Breathwork

and Trauma Release

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS) integrates deep connected breathing with conscious touch, movement, emotional release, and meditation, for intuitive healing where and when it’s needed most. Heal past trauma, connect with your authentic being, and feel joy and peace.

Chi Nei Tsang

(Chinese Stomach Massage)

Chi Nei Tsang ( Chinese stomach massage) This is a full body integration session with the focus on release and balancing of the bodies vital organs. Gain greater digestion of food and emotions The organs are the seat of our emotions and the filters of perception of the out side world. For e.g. if the liver, the home of jealousy and anger is toxic its normal to feel stressed and threatened, prone to emotional outburst or inner turmoil in response to events that may be innocent in nature. For e.g. your husband talking with the waitress at dinner. When our organs are healthy and in balance we sleep better, have more energy, feel creative and generous and promotes hormonal balance and increased fertility. Meeeeow In this session you will have the opportunity to meet your self with loving kindness and learn how to listen the your bodies incredible wisdom. It is an incredibly powerful alignment of body mind and soul.

Tao Tantric Women's Sessions

A session catered for you may include Breath, Cacao Ceremony, Qigong, Therapeutic movement and dance Jade egg practices & Awakening the Yoni (female sexual organs) Womb-heart connection, Ovarian Breathing and Breast Massage Opening energy channels for sexual energy flow & Multi-orgasmic skills Inner Smile Healing, Six Healing Sounds and Bone Breathing...

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