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Breath Medicine is a therapeutic, science-based approach to healing and integration of trauma and stress. Supported by ancient wisdom and practices of the Tao to align body, mind and soul. This modality is the result of 28 years of practicing Connected Breathwork, such as BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, Rebirthing and Transformational Breathwork, married with 25 years experience in various forms bodywork, specialising in Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese belly massage) and 5 Element / somatic dance practices.

Connected Breathwork is a continuous breath without pause unifying the inhale with the exhale. When this is applied through an open mouth, the sympathetic nervous system is activated giving us access to past traumas and unfulfilled flight, fight and freeze responses that get locked in the body. If anxiety or other overwhelming responses are already active, then we use the Connected Breath through the nose to access and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When we can meet all of ourself, our sensations, emotions and feelings with love, welcome and curiosity; we have an opportunity for a healthy release of blocked and stagnated energy and an awakening of powerful inner resources and creative life-force energy. The increased oxygenation of the blood is incredibly detoxifying and healing on all levels. Many feel like a huge weight has been lifted from their bodies and mind, experiencing optimism and positivity, claiming to have clear insights as to where life wants to take them, feel pain free and find peace with what has been previously challenging.

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  • Enhanced capacity to experience joy, pleasure and connection​

  • Take home self-care practices to enhance daily life and long-term health 

  • Release from the effects of the past and embodiment of the present ​​​​​

  • The unspoken language of touch 

  • A deep and embodied understanding of the 5 Elements

  • Powerful meditations and mindfulness tools

  • Tools to feel grounded, anchored, centered and protected
  • Emotional resilience

  • Freedom to live outside of the box

  • A greater range of physical movement

  • Self love and acceptance​​

  • Tools to transform rage into celebration, pain into peace and hurts into forgiveness​

  • Permission to feel powerful, seen and heard

  • Be part of an inspiring community and make lifelong connections


  • Confidence to hold safe, vibrant space for individuals, workshops and groups

  • Tools to diagnose and understand body types and structures 

  • Quality of touch, massage and fascial release

  • Create programs that help others experience long-term rehabilitation of the nervous system

  • How to apply 5 Element Theory

  • Powerful meditations and mindfulness tools

  • Effective language for holding transformational space

  • Confidence to build effective personalised sessions
  • Practices for setting safe containers and cleansing​​

  • Discover your voice and open expression ​

  • Inspiration and tools to develop your offerings 

  • An opportunity to network and co-create


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Breath Medicine fuses teachings from many fields of study, both academic and spiritual.  There is a strong focus on Taoist practices; which offer a fundamental understanding of the body and how it carries energy.  We also use the 5 Elements in everything we do; to understand our connection with ourselves and the world around us. 



Daisy Kaye, founder of Breath Medicine,  has been teaching for over 25 years world-wide, including teacher trainings for the last 7 years. Daisy is a Universal Tao Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, bodyworker, herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao and 5-Element Dance.  Her methods create harmony through integration and personal responsibility of mind, body and spirit.

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Breath Medicine puts safety first; both physical and energetic. We believe hands-on touch exchange  should only be given after teaching quality of touch, how to listen to and read another's body, cleansing practices, setting a safe container, and deep understanding of the responsibility and honor to work with another human being. 




  • Beings wanting to experience more peace, freedom, love and playfulness 

  • People desiring to learn healing arts to help themselves and others


  • Those who wish to nourish and gift their body this opportunity for healing and self-care

  • Those who want take-home practices to enhance daily life and long-term health ​

  • Those who want to become certified to teach breathwork with individuals or in group sessions

  • Practitioners and healers who want to incorporate breathwork into their sessions

  • Health professionals

  • Those who wish to or already work with groups of any kind

  • Anyone wanting to discover their voice, confidence, and open expression ​

  • Those new to breathwork and self healing (No experience is required)​

  • Anyone who has suffered trauma, painful experiences, stress or anxiety in their lives

  • Anyone wanting to break through old patterns and clear ancestral lineages

  • Anyone wanting to understand their body, breath and tendencies

  • Anyone seeking empowerment, bliss, joy and love ​


  • Anyone wanting to expand emotional and physical resilience and maintain equilibrium 

  • Those curious about life's possibilities

  • Anyone wanting enhanced embodiment to move effortlessly through this world

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Your personal journey. My job is to create environments for you to discover your self, your authentic likes/dislikes, traumas/stresses, challenges/strengths, contractions/openness, your boundaries emotionally and physically and how to communicate them. This is a journey of self love, a loving meeting of all of whats within. A deep nourishing of your nervous system, heart and body. Are you ready to feel the love?

Each day is connected to harmonising one element starting with the ground up. First we explore our foundations, the Earth: to ground and connect. We then move through the elements of Water: our ability to surrender, soften and let go. Fire: our ability to take action, transform and illuminate. Air: our ability to expand, connect and allow change.  Either: a deep listening of the subtle forces, an allowing of our inner wisdoms to guide us, the integration and celebration.


Each day we share one group connected Breath Medicine session, dance, explore somatic movement and various partner exercises  and meditations suitable to each element.  You will learn many take home tools including grounding, clearing and protecting techniques, nervous system care and 5-Element massage; a non verbal language of touch.

Level 1 can be completed as a stand-alone module- an experiential retreat for your own self healing, or as the pre-requisite for Module 2. ​

HOURS: Approx 35 Hours over 5 Days


INVESTMENT: Early Bird 15,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

                         Full Price 16,500 Thai Baht 

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Over these three days it is my honour to journey with you through the five elements. Realease trauma and tension, tone your nervous system and become your own best friend. With the use of connected breath, pranayama, somatic movement, Qigong, herbal teas, dance and ancient taoist and tantric practises you will leave feeling much more at peace, happy and ready to meet life with renewed sense of optimism, calm and confidence, armed with lots of take home tools to assist with long-term benefits and results.

HOURS: Approx 20 Hours over 3 days  |  INVESTMENT: 8,000 Thai Baht

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Still in daily flow with the elements, we begin to deep dive into what it means to hold safe space for each other, the beginning of our exchange in connected Breath Medicine sessions. This is an exciting journey of discovering the mysteries of being human. Become a detective and lovingly uncover stories that are held in body structures, breath and movement patterns. This is an intro to a potentially life long discovery, interest and passion that we explore deeper as you move through the levels of Breath Medicine.


Exchanging one-on-one sessions gives you a chance to witness the power and beauty of Connected Breath, experience first hand how energy and emotions move, and support the return of a healthy balanced nervous system. Also as a receiver you have a loving presence to hold and support you through your journey. How many times have you felt alone and wanted to be held, seen and heard. Here is your chance to receive this.


Completion of level 2 empowers you to hold one-on-one Assisted Breathing and Somatic Sensing sessions.


Although this practice is simple it has been one of my most used practices as a holistic embodiment coach for over 20 years. It is an extraordinary gift to hold space for someone to feel and sense into themselves; offering an opportunity to get a direct experience and real refection of where and how they breathe and experience life and themselves.


Please note you are required to hand in notes on a minimum of 10 sessions to return for Module 3.

HOURS: Approx 35 Hours over 5 Days


INVESTMENT: Early Bird 15,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

                         Full Price 16,500 Thai Baht 

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A return to the work with a higher more experienced point of view.  Having done your home work in holding Assisted Breath and Somatic Sensing Sessions, you will have expanded your understanding of the importance of this work and will have questions you will want to explore further in this training space. Module 3 is to explore more deeply the effects of trauma and stress on our body, nervous system and life, how to recognise and meet them where and how they need to be met for optimisation of recovery within each session. At this level we also expand our hands-on touch training; focusing on fascial and joint-release, and also beginning to explore the benefits of abdominal-massage and how it affects our overall physical structure and mental health. 


Module 3 empowers you to share the foundations of Breath Medicine Connected Breath Sessions and support practices such as Qigong, meditation and herbal remedies as a continuing student.


Please note you are required to hand in notes on a minimum of 10 sessions to return for Module 4.

HOURS: Approx 80 Hours over 2 weeks.  


INVESTMENT: Early Bird 30,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

                         Full Price 33,000 Thai Baht 

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Congratulations you are now a recognised and empowered Breath Medicine Facilitator!


Support the transformation of pain into peace, trauma into medicine, grief into grace and lethargy into power!


Get ready to see your clients transform in front of your eyes. With willing clients, changes happens in such short spaces of time you may hardly recognise them between sessions. The structural and emotional alignment and growth that happens with this work is such a gift to hold and witness.  


Here we dive deeper into the mastery and embodiment of being a Breath Medicine Facilitator. Cultivate your confidence as a Breathwork Practitioner with embodied knowledge and intellectual understanding of the human mental, emotional and physical bodies. Hone your skills as a hands-on practitioner. You also have the opportunity to assist and hold space for newer students within the group and practice your ability to read and respond to all that arises within group sessions.

Empowered and embodied to use deep and effective body and various breathwork practices, diagnose physical and emotional signatures of trauma with body mapping and apply suitable sessions to meet the person as an individual for long-term restoration and inhabitation of emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

HOURS: Approx 80 Hours over 2 weeks.  


INVESTMENT: Early Bird 30,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

                         Full Price 33,000 Thai Baht 

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This can be taken at any stage, or as a stand-alone module to certify you as a group-facilitator.  This is useful for anybody who already facilitates groups, or those who would like to teach but want to build confidence. 

Group facilitation is an art within itself.  Preparing the space, welcoming students, creating a safe container for ourselves, reading the needs of the group, how to adapt spontaneously, and what to do if one student requires our full attention, are just some of the things we will cover in this training. 

Through deep elemental embodiment, dance facilitation, ceremony facilitation, 5 Element Massage, group work, fire ceremony, Vision Quest and more, we will cover all aspects of facilitation.

HOURS: 80 Hours over 2 weeks. 

INVESTMENT: Early Bird 32,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

                         Full Price 38,000 Thai Baht 



Welcome to Paradise...


Breath Medicine Teacher Trainings are being held at the famous Sanctuary detox Retreat in Thailand. The Sanctuary is tucked away on a remote beach called Haad Tien; named after the local Tien trees that grow along the beach-line.  These trees  are hundreds of years old and  very similar to the ‘Tree of Life’. They are said to offer  healing properties, renewal, protection, growth and luck as they connect the land and the sea.

The resort is built on natural granite quartz crystals rock. The ocean tumbled granite is quite unique in that it combines both the element of water and earth, flowing yet deeply rooted, expanding in the duality of emotions and practicality. The granite grounds us and keeps us focused while at the same time allows us to flow and overcome obstacles. you cannot help but be embraced by its energy.

The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan Island is known for its ability to offer guests a deep dive into self awareness and self-care through processes such as massage, detox, yoga, healing, healthy plant base food and discovering a restful time in nature while  making  new friendships.

While our trainings are based here in Koh-Phangan; 3-Day Breath Medicine Workshops are also being held in other locations worldwide, as well as featuring at wellness festivals and events.  

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